1st June 2020

Dear Friends,

Many of you may be feeling, as we do, that a metaphorical asteroid just collided into our planet and knocked the Earth out of its orbit. The transformation of Greenberry from a noisy, buzzy all-day eatery inturi an empty, forlorn and darkened space in Primrose Hill village would have been unimaginable to us at the beginning of the year even as the virus was stealthily advancing.

The lockdown has given us a chance to contemplate the past and imagine the future. We opened our doors in late 2012 on a limited budget, using the redecorating skills of family and friends – and our first few months of trading can best be described as ‘friendly chaos’ (at the soft opening guests were offered a soup spoon with their espresso as teaspoons had been forgotten!). We evolved by listening to our community – we opened with a breakfast menu that finished at noon but some of our customers were vexed they could not have a Full English at 2pm so we adapted. We were told our wine list was not esoteric enough so we reached out to small suppliers and extended our range. We carried on listening to our customers, adapting, listening and adapting again, and this is how we grew organically into the Greenberry you all know and hopefully love.

We may have been shunted temporarily from our orbit but we are determined to remain part of the community we love so we will re-shape and adapt again. For many small businesses, like ourselves, the future looks bleak as necessary social distancing rules mean that it may be some time before the buzzy Greenberry atmosphere returns. The uncertain economic climate is daunting but not unassailable, at least we hope it isn’t – so we have come up with various ideas one of which is The Greenberry Club.  It is our way of asking our community for their support during these uncertain times and in return Founder Members will be entitled to a host of benefits and discounts available throughout the year.

We do hope you will join our club and that once you do will make use of the discount facilities as well as the numerous benefits club membership offers, which can be redeemed for both Curbside Pick-up meals as well as in-house dining in the future when life resumes some sort of resemblance to the past.

Much love from,
Morfudd and the Greenberry Team


A few words from Mary Portas:

It’s easy to feel powerless right now, as we wonder when and how some semblance of our old lifestyles will return.  Some things will never return but some things that we cherish may be lost through this crazy time if we let this damn virus beat what we need and love in our lives.

Like my favourite restaurant in Primrose Hill, The Greenberry. The brilliant M, who has, over the years, worked tirelessly to build this wonderful restaurant that has provided us with the backdrop to our date nights, hangover breakfasts, chaotic family lunches, blissful solitary coffees and so much more, needs us – Greenberry’s loyal customers – to help protect the restaurant’s future.

With the restrictions and social distancing and huge rent, M rang me with a brilliant idea that she thought could work. And I think it’s a no brainer. As well as a bloody great deal.

I ask you to consider joining. It’s a great offer and what it means, above all. is that we can continue to enjoy the comforting familiarity of the wonderful Greenberry when we regain our freedom.

I look forward to seeing you in there and will wave (from a social distance) with gratitude.




Cost £100 per annum*

Benefits of membership:

1. 10% discount on Greenberry dining

Includes all To Go orders and in-house dining throughout the year. Retail products excluded

2. Invitation to interactive wine tastings

Prior to setting up Greenberry, Morfudd spent four years in the vineyards, winery & laboratories of Plumpton College in Sussex qualifying as a winemaker. Morfudd and her guests will host regular wine tastings on Zoom exploring a range of topics including how to match wine with food, what do people mean when they talk about ‘terroir’, what is ‘natural’ wine and other topics around wine styles and regions. You will have the opportunity to buy ‘flights’ of wines from Greenberry available for collection in our new glass size pouches so that you can participate in the wine tastings at home.

3. Automatic entry into monthly raffle

Every month a member’s name will be pulled out of the hat – prizes range from gift vouchers; a Valhrona chocolate brownie stack; jars of home-made nut butters; free ice-cream vouchers for your kids or for yourself; Giovanni’s cocktail pouches for 2; a personalised dog bowl for your pooch and more!

4. Interactive cooking classes for Greenberry Kids

We love the idea of encouraging the kids in our neighbourhood to learn about food and develop their cooking skills so from the summer we will be hosting interactive cooking classes on Zoom, which will include chocolate-brownie making; how to make easy ice cream; flavour combinations: what works/what doesn’t?; make your own Spanish tortilla and how to eat healthily are a few examples of the topics and lessons we will explore.

5. Let us know your birthday so we can help you to celebrate!

6. Founder members will be given priority bookings on future events including supper clubs and in-house wine tastings


Honorary membership offered to all dogs whose owners have joined the Greenberry Club. Members of the Pooch Club will receive extra treats. 

*Membership includes VAT at 20%

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